Your Source for Professional Rug Cleaning in Lincoln, NE

You want your precious, expensive area rugs to always look their best. That’s why it is important to trust the experts at Premium Carpet Care to always take care of your rug cleaning in Lincoln, NE. Our experienced staff has the equipment and skills needed to carefully remove any stains or messes from your area rugs, ensuring that they look fantastic. To learn more about our services or to discuss our professional carpet cleaning solutions reach out to our office.

Our Cleaning Process

To begin our fine rug cleaning process, our team will first inspect your rug to provide you with an estimate for the work. We will then use a backlight to look for signs of pet contamination. Following this, we will dust and thoroughly vacuum the rug. Our team will then perform a color stability test to help prevent dye migration. Our team will then apply a preconditioner and begin machine agitation to loosen and remove embedded soil particles.

Following a machine wash, our team will rinse and submerge the rug and provide targeted treatments to deal with tough stains. We will also apply an odor treatment if needed. If your rug has a fringe, we will carefully hand wash and groom it to ensure it looks its best. Finally, our team will apply a protector to the rug before carefully placing it on a drying rack to dry.