Rug Cleaning

Don’t trust your precious, expensive area rugs to just anyone!
At Premium Carpet Care we specialize in fine rug cleaning.

Your rugs will undergo the following 13 step cleaning process at our shop location.

  1. Inspection, rug identification & estimate given
  2. Black light inspection for pet contamination
  3. Dusting (removes up to 15 pounds of dust)
  4. Thorough vacuuming of rug
  5. Color stability test for dye migration
  6. Preconditioner applied
  7. Machine agitation to loosen embedded soil particle
  8. Thorough Rinse/Submerge of rug to neutralize
  9. Remaining stains are treated accordingly
  10. Odor treatment is applied (if applicable)
  11. Any Fringe is carefully hand cleaned and groomed
  12. Protector (highly recommended) is applied
  13. Rugs are carefully placed on drying rack to dry