Stain & Odor Removal

Effectively Remove Stains from Carpet in Lincoln, NE

When you want to remove stains from carpet in Lincoln, NE, trust the team at Premium Carpet Care to handle the work. Our technicians are trained, and IICRC certified to identify and remove offensive odors and unsightly stains from your carpeted surfaces. No matter the source of the smell, whether from pet urine or cigarette smoke, our team will completely eliminate the odor.

Preparing the Surface

Before we start the process of cleaning the odor and stains, we will first inspect your carpets with a UV light. This lets us identify the affected areas of your floor and the level of cleaning needed to remove the problem. In the most severe cases, odor removal from carpet requires an extensive process.

We will start by pulling up the carpet to expose the padding and subfloor underneath. We will then remove the affected pad and clean the back of the carpet. This gets rid of any damage caused by pet urine and ensures that your carpet is cleaned thoroughly.

Our team with then apply an enzyme treatment to the subfloor and seal it with a special odor barrier. This helps to prevent new odors and stains building up in the future. We will also apply the enzyme treatment to the back of the carpet.

Reinstalling Your Surface

As a professional carpet cleaning company, we handle reinstalling your carpet after its treatment is complete. Our team starts by installing new tack stripping and padding to replace the damaged materials we removed earlier. We will then reinstall your carpet, ensuring that it is properly affixed to your floor.

After installation, our team will thoroughly clean your carpet to remove any dirt or debris trapped in the fibers of its material. We will also apply a topical enzyme to keep odors and messes from seeping into your carpet.

With this complete process, your floors will look as good as new and will be free from any hazardous odors or unsightly stains. To learn more about removing stains and odors from your floors or to schedule a visit from our team, reach out to our office. We are always happy to answer any of your questions and help clean your carpeted surfaces.

Other Cleaning Services

In addition to offering complete odor removal from carpets, our company also provides a number of other cleaning services. This includes deep cleaning upholstery, carpet and rug repair, as well as tile and grout cleaning.

Contact us when you need to remove odors and stains from your carpeted floors. We proudly serve Lincoln, NE, and surrounding areas.