Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Service in Lincoln, NE

Say goodbye to the furniture stains and foul smells that emanate from your favorite easy chair when you choose a reliable upholstery cleaning service in Lincoln, NE. Premium Carpet Care takes their professional carpet cleaning techniques from the floor to your furniture for results that are sure to amaze your neighbors and friends.

When clients began to search for a proven way to extract dirt and other materials from their upholstery, we developed a process using steam that removes the grime without damaging the details. Along with the stains from years of use, our process removes allergens as well. That’s great for those with breathing issues and families with kids and pets.

Efficient and Affordable

While many of our clients ask about the removal of dirt, others ask about the downtime for their family. Cleaning fabric upholstery can leave your furniture soaking wet for hours at a time. Our process extracts as much moisture as possible, which reduces the downtime as well.


Our cleaning method is second to none and will leave your furniture looking brand new again!